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Telos homepage

Telos s.r.l. is an engineering company established in 2010. Telos Srl offers the following services in Italy and abroad: feasibility studies, research, consulting services, urban and territorial plans, development plans, sector plans, design and works supervision, evaluation of technical/economical congruity, environmental, territorial and socio-economic studies, projects and assessments.

Our services also include promoting and implementing training courses, disseminating and communicating scientific and cultural knowledge; creating inventories of territorial resources, performing socio-economic analysis, developing and processing geographical databases. .

Organizational chart

Company Organization

Our organizational structure is consistent with our mission. In order to pursue the specific objectives set from time to time, we rely on expert staff from different fields who work to ensure that the Company enjoys a high quality technical-scientific profile and is easily integrated from a territorial, economical and institutional viewpoint.

Telos srl is organized into operational divisions, each one managed by our professional partners and specialised in their particular fields of activity. Our operational process focuses on integrating and coordinating the activities of the different divisions, according to a non-hierarchical model, with a view to promoting innovation and ensuring that the various fields complement and enhance one another.

We consider administrative and managerial functions as services that must be managed effectively if we are to achieve the company mission. A special unit is dedicated to graphics and multimedia communication systems.

Territorial Planning and Economy

Giovanni Cafiero

President & Managing Director
Technical manager

Urban and Territorial Planning Strategic planning Sustainable development and urban regeneration; Landscape planning; Planning and development of protected areas
Internationalisation, Economy of Culture and Advanced training

Prof. Alessandro Bianchi, engineer

Partner Urban Planning
Analysis and Evaluation of relationship between the territory and the environment and GIS databases Massimo Paolanti Agronomist Founder partner Technical manager Databases development and processing for territorial assessment and planning; Rural and forest or park resources inventory; Realization of thematic cartographies, production of geographical databases and territorial information systems, statistical and geostatistical analyses Land evaluation
Graphics and multimedia Communication systems for urban planning and territory Giovanna Mathis Architect Consultant Promotion and training activities are carried out by our professionals, who are supported by the valuable academic experience of Telos partners and Scientific Committee members.


L'attività di Promozione culturale e formazione è svolta con il contributo integrato dei professionisti della Società e si avvale delle specifica e prestigiosa esperienza accademica dei soci e dei membri del Comitato Scientifico della Telos.