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Telos homepage

Telos s.r.l. is an engineering company established in 2010. Telos Srl offers the following services in Italy and abroad: feasibility studies, research, consulting services, urban and territorial plans, development plans, sector plans, design and works supervision, evaluation of technical/economical congruity, environmental, territorial and socio-economic studies, projects and assessments.

Our services also include promoting and implementing training courses, disseminating and communicating scientific and cultural knowledge; creating inventories of territorial resources, performing socio-economic analysis, developing and processing geographical databases. .

Training courses and cultural activities

Training as a virtuous process

The services offered by Telos also include the promotion and implementation of training courses, scientific and cultural activities related to our main fields of activities and interests. Our main aim is to both practise and experiment with our own professional activities, while at the same time reflecting upon theories, comparing and exchanging views on culture and a wide range of subjects.The interaction between these two dimensions - theory and practice - will develop the scientific and cultural debate supplying the company with innovative elements with which to constantly strengthen its operational side, while offering an opportunity to verify the practical implementation of theories, so constantly providing the scientific and cultural dimension with up-to-date, solid elements from which inspiration can be drawn. The high level training and scientific courses and communication activities that our company implements for interested public and private entities are based on the results of this ongoing learning and experimentation process.